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What is Conscious Relating?

It's the awakened state of relating to ourselves, others and the planet in a harmonious and sacred way that serves all of humanity. It is the practice of deep connection and compassion. An opportunity to expand your experience of relating and growing deeper on your own path of evolution. It's understanding the polarity of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within a relationship dynamic and allowing each to flourish in a balanced and conscious way. 

The pillars are:

Connection to Self. Connection to Others. Connection to Nature / Source. 



The collective is awakening to a new way of relating that requires all of us to show up fully in our relationships. To be in a conscious relationship with our partners we first need to understand the depths of being in conscious relating to ourselves. The true depth of understanding how we relate, love and commit to ourselves will become our blueprint for how we choose to show up in our relationships. Every month we will explore a specific topic related to conscious relating.




  • Gaining a deeper understanding of who you are at your core 

  • Identifying how you can relate to yourself and each other consciously

  • Identifying your fears and how to work with them as a team

  • Deepening your relationship with your emotions and accessing body wisdom

  • Deepening your spiritual practice individually and as a couple

  • Awaken your senses to the present moment in relating

  • Identifying and expressing your needs more effectively

  • Creating healthy boundaries to keep you safe and how to use them 

  • Understanding the importance of space and intimacy in relating

  • How to deal with conflict in the healthiest way where you are heard, seen and understood by your partner

  • Understanding your attachment style and how to relate to each other with more clarity and awareness

  • Identify what’s driving your behaviour in your relationship

  • Learn how to love each other on a more authentic and deeper level

  • Healing your relationship to your inner child

  • Exploring conscious commitment and what it means for your relationship

We'll explore these focus areas over 12 sessions

Session: Personal deep dive into your relationship

Session: Diving deep into who you are as individuals and what has shaped your relating

Session: Exploring your individual personality types in relation to each other

Session: Identifying your attachment style and how you relate to each other

Session: Exploring your love language and the importance of communicating this

Session: Tapping into your Inner child and healing your childhood wounds

Session: Effective authentic communication as a couple

Session: Conscious conflict resolution in your relationship

Session: Conscious commitment to each other

Session: Consciousness in relating to each other

Session: Embodying your masculine and the feminine in your relationship

Session: His and her story around sex and how to bring desire and intimacy into your relationship


  • How to embody consciousness in your relationship

  • How to create a safe space to relate 

  • How to effectively express your needs, fears, disappointments, and desires with awareness and compassion

  • How to work with your core fear and desire in life and move forward consciously

  • How to always honour your own journey in relation to your partners 

  • How to begin your journey of authentic self-love

  • How to deepen your personal practice and grow together

  • How to create healthy boundaries

  • How to communicate effectively

  • How to have a healthy conscious relationship


  • 12 X Transformative 90min private coaching sessions via Skype

  • Extensive welcome intake form for each person

  • Personal audit of your current reality for each person

  • Step by step personal development strategy for your journey ahead as a couple

  • Personalized accountability worksheet for every session

  • Session recording sent via email

  • Enneagram test results for your records for each person


USD $4000

*Payment options available

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