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30 Days




Day 1. Self-Love Affirmation:


“I am the caretaker of my own internal garden”

Our internal garden is our sacred space. It’s our inner world. A world only we have access too. A world where we operate from each day. What happens when we don’t nurture this space? Just like a garden that is not maintained, it becomes dry, lifeless and eventually dies. When maintained it has the ability to come alive! Say after me: Today I chose to water the ground by giving attention and compassion towards the state of my heart, mind and spirit. I choose to remove the weeds that no longer serves it purpose by removing negative and destructive thoughts from my life and not entertaining unhealthy relationships. Today I chose to give attention to all the flowers in my garden by speaking compassionately to myself daily and watching the fruit of my healthy actions manifest. I acknowledge that this is a daily practice and I have the ability to achieve it. I come alive everyday when I walk through my garden knowing that I took the time to maintain it. I love myself deeply. .
How important is your internal garden to you? 

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