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Self-love starts with meeting yourself daily.


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You’ve arrived here for a reason.
You might call it your curiosity.
I call it your intuition.
Even divine intervention.
I know that if you’re here, you care deeply about yourself and you are ready to make a shift. You’re ready to lovingly put yourself first and embrace your truth.

Discovering your truth.

Living from the inside out.

Successful living through self-love.

These might be abstract ideas for you now, but the benefits and potential results are very real. Wherever you are in your personal journey, if you feel there is an area in your life you want more from, continue listening to that intuition of yours. You’ll know deep inside if you’re ready to take the next step.

Maybe it’s more fulfilling relationships you want. Taking control of your financial well-being. Starting a new exciting business venture. Or becoming aware of, understanding, and changing toxic behaviours. I’ll be right there guiding you to find the answers that are already within you.


It gives me incredible joy and fulfillment to see you uncover all the parts that make you who you truly are and watching you move towards a more fulfilled life. It's in those subtle but gentle moments where you begin to expand more with higher consciousness and compassion and start directing your life from within. It's in those subtle but gentle moments where you start putting yourself first again and truly feeling your love for yourself.

Are you ready to put yourself first?
To learn what Self-Love really is?
To live as a more radiant, more authentic you?



I was always stunned by your great intuitive approach to call upon a meditation and guide it. I had some incredible breakthrough moments and tremendous insights during these meditations as well as moments of beauty and fulfillment that really touched my heart and soul. It’s a profound and transforming journey to your own inner self. Where self-love, intuition and understanding suddenly become your best friends along your way to guide you. You are a wonderful and a truly smart woman!

Kai Werner

Creative Developer & Visual Designer

South Africa


Faith immediately puts you at ease with her friendly and outgoing spirit. I felt so motivated after seeing Faith. Really helps to have someone else holding you accountable for your decisions... I want other women to be empowered to achieve great things. To realise the power of putting themselves first and knowing that they do NOT need to feel guilty about that at all... Trust me, get in touch with Faith. She is just absolutely incredible!

Arnelle Woker

Illustrator & Designer London

Arnelle Woker Ltd


This woman, Faith... She was designed to do this work. She exudes love, wisdom and a joy of life that is infectious. During our session, I found that she listened very consciously, challenging me in places I didn't think I could be. She helped me find my own answers, not forcing any of her own ideas on me. She gave me very clear guidance and structure to complete the most important goals I have at the moment. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a caring, yet firm nudge in the right direction!

Yolande Botha


Buenos Aires 


Keep doing the great work you do! I will miss your weekly wisdom.
I specifically love how you kept me responsible for my own actions, and made me appreciate the way I was feeling was always a result of my own actions, in the good and in the bad. The way you always made me stop and appreciate the good work I was doing was also great, because I tend to not do that much for myself. I think everyone can benefit from more awareness around their behaviours and decisions. The way you combine understanding and kindness with honesty. This means that I always felt comfortable sharing myself with you, but knew that you would keep me accountable and not let me get away with things or be dishonest with myself. I love the way you work, there is always kindness, but also honesty.


Marine Biologist



I was totally amazed by how much Faith and I accomplished in our session together. I felt very at ease with her. She has an incredible and natural ability to listen, guide and unlock things in you, you never even knew were there. Faith works absolute magic and I will definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to enhance their life.

Lia Zanderg

Art Director & Designer

South Africa

Lia Zandberg


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