Self-love set me free to be all I wanted to be for me.


I'm Faith Meyer, an International Self-Awareness & Self-Love Coach for women and men who are ready to put themselves first, deepen their relationship with themselves and take their lives to the next level working from the inside out.


Step by step, I’ll walk with you on your journey of self-discovery. I will guide you in creating the life you really want and deserve.


My purpose is to see you flourish. And as deep and transformative as the work is that we’ll be doing together, you are guaranteed some laughter too. I bring my positive energy and optimistic view on life to every session.


It’s very obvious to me now that life coaching is my calling and that I am naturally gifted to do this work. But it wasn’t always the case. Everything that came across my path and the personal growth work I’ve done led to me where I am now. A classic case of divine intervention.

For most of my career, I was involved in youth development, office culture, team management, leadership and overseeing the efficient running of work environments. But in 2014 I went through a very traumatic experience that changed the course of my life forever.


My then partner of 11 years sustained a traumatic brain injury and my world was completely shaken. Although he survived, in the process of caring for him during his recovery, I completely lost myself. I dealt with denial, grief, loss, depression, anger, loneliness, pain, confusion, despair and sought love outside myself as I tried to heal the pain. I lost all connection with myself and it left me burnt out​.


From this very low point, I embarked on the most important journey of my life. It led me to my “aha moment”: self-love!

What changed? A simple but life-changing question. I asked myself, "Faith how can you love somebody so deeply to the point of burnout but you cannot give yourself the same love in return?"


What I discovered completely blew my mind. I uncovered my total truth and learned how to embrace all of myself with compassion and consciousness, and how to live in my truth daily. My mindset, relationships, friendships, finances, lifestyle, and health changed in ways I could never have imagined. I realised that I needed to share what I had learned and started my training as a life coach.


Today I am committed to my journey and I exercise radical self-love daily.


I enjoy yoga, conscious dancing (anytime, anywhere), playing the guitar, writing songs, singing, and laughing! Lots of laughing. I really love going for walks in nature, especially forests. I’ve lived in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa for most of my life, but have spent some time in Zambia, UK, Norway and Sweden, and there are definitely more destinations on the horizon. For the past few years I’ve been plant-based and find it’s the best for my body.


As a daily reminder to love myself and put myself first, I got my first (and only) tattoo. This hand-poked design represents me and what I love in so many ways.



  • Developer: I recognise and cultivate potential in others

  • Restorative: I'm adept at dealing with problems and solving them

  • Deliberative: I take serious care in making decisions or choices and anticipate obstacles

  • Connectedness: Have faith in the link between all things

  • Relator: Enjoy close relationships with others and working hard with friends to achieve a goal​​