Access the creative genius that's within you.


The 3 month 1:1 private intensive is designed to assist you to manage your life with awareness, consistency, and ease over 12 sessions. Every month we will dive into your reality and build up the tools and self-love practices to aid you in processing your life with increased compassion, consciousness, understanding, and move you forward consistently with heightened awareness. 


We will dive deeper into your specific personal areas of growth, such as:

  • Your Behaviour and toxic cycles

  • Emotional Well-being

  • Relationships 

  • Career

  • Your Business

  • Job

  • Health 

  • Finances

  • Children

  • Confidence

  • Sense of self-worth

  • Overall well-being and happiness


This is for you if you want to understand yourself fundamentally, actively work with your limiting beliefs and blockages and propel you forward towards the life you truly desire. A life lived from a place of self-love, acceptance, flow, and gratitude. It is comprehensive and 100% driven by your individual needs.


An incredibly powerful tool I use in this package is the Enneagram. It is an in-depth personality test used around the world to assist in business and spiritual growth. By incorporating what we learn from your results, we’re able to work from the inside out and we can design shifts in your behaviour or thinking that is based on who you naturally are.

Your dysfunctional personality is the gateway to the soul

- Sufi


One of the most beautiful, inspiring things about this work is that it is so unique to every single person. How you reach the place you desire is unlike anyone else’s. If I’ve learned anything from doing this work is that people are more resilient, wise and self-sufficient than they realise. To help you find your answers and make sustainable shifts, we’ll explore the following:

  • How does your personality profile influence your behaviours, decisions, feelings, etc., and how to work with it to live your best life

  • Who you are authentically and how to heal your relationship with yourself

  • The importance of putting yourself first and how you can apply it to your daily life

  • Healthy self-love practices to stay connected to who you are no matter what life throws at you

  • What you can do to nurture healthy relationships with your partner, friends and family and who you are being in these relationships

  • The importance of healthy boundaries, where to set them and how to operate within them

  • The power of your internal dialogue, the impact it has on your well-being and how to transform your self-talk so that it can serve you and not break you

  • Your limiting beliefs, how to stop them and create new, healthy beliefs

  • What destructive behaviours you currently have and how to move forward consciously

  • What needs of yours are not being met and what you can do to have them fulfilled

  • Getting clear on the way forward in your life by setting authentic, SMART goals

  • Your relationship with money and how to become financially conscious


  • Pre-work and extensive intake form

    • This collates all the key information as a basis for us working together.

  • 1 x 90-min deep-dive analysis

    • We will do a deep dive into your Enneagram type and uncover who you are and how your behaviours have shaped you to this point and start mapping out the way forward.

  • 12 x 90-min private transformational intensives via Skype 

    • Every month we connect for four powerful 90-min sessions where we will explore your areas of growth and create big, beautiful shifts, moving you forward towards your goals.

  • 12 x monthly worksheets to work through for each session

    • The structured worksheets will capture the key areas of each session, including all action items you will be accountable for before the next session.

  • Monthly check-ins

    • I'll personally touch base with you via email/text to see how you're doing​ and send some personal inspiration your way.

  • Email support between sessions

    • Whatever questions or support you need, I’ll be right there for you. ​

  • Access to personalized resources and tools

    • I will share resources and tools to assist you on your personal journey​.

  • Intensive recording sent to you via email monthly

    • I will send you a voice recording of our session for you to reconnect​ with what we uncovered in each session and to assist you with your action items.



  • 12 X Transformative 90min private coaching sessions via Skype

  • Extensive welcome intake form

  • Personal audit of your current reality

  • Step by step personal development strategy for your journey ahead

  • Personalized accountability worksheet for every session

  • Session recording sent via email

  • Enneagram test results for your records

USD $2100
*Excludes deep dive session cost for new clients

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Your intuition has lead you here. You don’t have to go on this journey alone. I am here to hold space for you through this powerful healing and transformative journey.